Sam Scherer

Passionate Software Developer

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  • Name: Samuel Scherer
  • Hometown: West Chester, Ohio
  • Favorite Food: Angel Hair Spaghetti

Hello! I'm a Computer Science student persuing a bachelor's degree at the University of Cincinnati. I'm a motivated software developer with a hobby of making video games. Some of my other hobbies include playing board games, and playing music. I've taught myself to play piano and guitar, with guitar being my new 2020-21 socially distant hobby!

I'm hoping my Computer Science education will allow me to find a job in the Software Development industry. I'm very passionate about the projects I work on, and my only desire from a company is that my colleageus will share that passion!

If you'd like to see my latest resume, you can click the 'Resume' button below for a PDF, or visit my LinkedIn. For information about my Computer Science and Co-op experience, check out the Timeline section of this site. If you want to demo some of my projects, check out the Portfolio section of this site or my page! If you'd like to see some of my code, check out my Github profile!

My Skills


C# / Unity



Google Cloud Platform


Microsoft Office + Excel

Gitlab CI




My Career Timeline

  • Northrop Grumman: Post-Internship Part-Time Work

    Software Engineering Intern Fall 2021 - Current

    After my final co-op, and while studying full-time at UC, I've been spending time working for Northrop Grumman 1-2 days per week, on the same team as during my 5th co-op semester. During this time I've worked with Python / Selenium similarly to my final co-op, but have also begun working with Gitlab CI, creating CI pipelines for running tests against multiple platforms.

    While working part-time at NG, I've been able to reenforce my skills and understanding with Python, Selenium, and Gitlab CI.

  • Co-op Semester 5: Northrop Grumman

    Software Engineering Co-op Summer 2021

    During my second co-op at Northrop Grumman and 5th co-op overall, I created automated tests using Python and Selenium, while working in a mixed Windows / Linux environment. Additionally, I contributed code to a Python automated testing framework which ran the previously-mentioned tests. I also reviewed code and attended and Agile-like events like daily standups and sprint planning meetings.

    During my final co-op semester, I learned a lot about Python development, and about how to use Selenium via its Python library. My team members praised me as a teammate who was a helpful pair programmer. Additionally, I was able to affect my team's storage method of Selenium Xpaths, insisting that we use variables that inherit from parent variables, rather than multiple full xpaths for related UI elements.

  • Co-op Semester 4: Northrop Grumman

    Software Engineering Co-op Fall 2020

    While working at Northrop Grumman, I created and maintained an Android testing pipeline using Docker and Gitlab CI in a Linux environment. I also created a debugger in Python which reads Logcat output to detect system changes. I maintained a wiki for the above projects using Markdown.

    A stand-out hard skill I learned this semester is how to use Continuous Integration software. I was the only person in my team that worked on our CI scripts, and was also the person who created and documented how to set up Gitlab CI runners to use for testing. A soft skill I worked on this semester was my ability to lead when needed. I worked on a small team of co-op students this semester, and I stood out as the member who had a hand in each of our team's tasks. As such, I gave my team's status updates to our project manager at scrum meetings and maintained an issue list for myself and my colleagues.

  • Co-op Semester 3: Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Software Engineering Co-op Spring 2020

    At my second co-op semester at Siemens, I rejoined the Classification AI Scrum team. This semester, I was responsible for upgrading the Classification AI software to support the Classification team's Next-Generation Classification data structures, and for updating the software's deployment scripts in Siemens' Teamcenter Environment Manager and Deployment Center applications. I also created a lot of end user and internal developer documentation this semester.

    Most of the hard skills I learned on my previous co-op were improved this semseter, especially my C++ coding skills. A soft skill I improved this semester was my collaboration skills - I wasn't very familiar with TEM and Deployment Center, so I spent a lot of time communicating with colleagues, many of whom were working from other time zones! Also, Covid-19 quarantine began halfway through this semester, which called for further improvement of my communication skills.

  • Co-op Semester 2: Siemens Digital Industries Software

    Software Engineering Co-op Fall 2019

    At my first co-op semester at Siemens, I was placed on a scrum team which released and maintained the Teamcenter Classification AI software. I maintained several and created several files, adding features as needed or instructed. Some of the files I maintained include Teamcenter Server code, and Classification AI Microservice code. I also created a batch script from scratch which allowed users to easily train AI models using one console command instead of running several scripts.

    I learned many hard skills during this co-op semester, but the one that stands out to me the most is batch scripting - I hadn't done any batch scripting before this semester, and it has been a very helpful skill! A soft skill I learned is how to work on a scrum team, which I also hadn't done before this semester!

  • Co-op Semester 1: University of Cincinnati, NIST Indoor Location Project

    Computer Science Co-op Fall 2018

    Joined a UC Civil Engineering professor on a research project, for the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The objective of the project was to allow for firefighters to be tracked inside a building using software which we'd make, alongside hardware made by another party. My role in the project was to create a project from scratch which would be used as the visual interface for the project. I figured that Unity was a good tool to use, and thus spent about 4 months working on a Unity project.

    I learned a lot during this co-op semester! One hard skill I worked on a lot this semester is my familiarity with Unity - I spent 8 hours per day being paid to work on a Unity project, and learned a lot during that time! One soft skill I worked on is professional communication - this was my first co-op, so communicating technical details of my work to a stakeholder was very new to me!

  • Education: University of Cincinnati

    BS Undergrad 2017-2022

    I am currently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati, as a Computer Science major. I have been working hard to get my degree, and have also been working on side projects in my free time.

  • Education: Lakota West High School

    High School Diploma 2014-2017

    I started my computer science career at Lakota West High School when I took several CS classes, including AP Computer Science. The final project for my first CS class is what solidified my interest in software development.

My Works (click projects for links)

  • Spaceships VR
  • Spaceship Escape Room
  • Project Cage
  • Im-Pastable
  • Re:Pear
  • Magical Birds
  • Save The Kiwi
  • Ninja Cat
  • Shell Sweet Shell
  • Meme Royale

Contact Me

303 Warner Street, Apt. 3
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Mobile: (+1) 513-330-7031